Breakfast 10.00-12.00
Fried bacon and egg, toast, butter, cucumber, tomato 7.80 EUR
Appetizers and snacks
Kalle-Kusta special: pickles, honey, 4 cl Vodka 6.90 EUR
Salted herring boiled potatoes, onion rings, sour 7.50 EUR
Smoked salmon with toast, onion rings, butter an 7.90 EUR
Hunter`s sausages 7.50 EUR
Cheese selection 8.00 EUR
Chanterelle tar-tare 6.90EUR
Cheese balls 6.00 EUR
Onion rings 5.50 EUR
Garlic bread 4.90 EUR
Shrimp salad 8.00 EUR
Greek salad 8.00 EUR
Chicken salad 8.00 EUR
Meat seljanka 6.00 EUR
Smoked cheese soup 6.00 EUR
Salmon soup 6.00EUR
Main dishes
Pike perch with tar-tar sauce 16.00 EUR
Salmon with creame shrimp sauce 16.00 EUR
Cheese covered chicken fillet with curry sauce 13.00 EUR
Pork chop with crispy onions 13.00 EUR
Vieтук Schnitzel – crusted pork loin with flavored butter 13.00 EUR
Vegetarian - rice with vegetables and chantarelles 11.00 EUR
Kalle Kusta steak from beef tenderloin 22.00 EUR
Pepperbeef with green pepper sauce 20.00 EUR
Beef Strogonov of beef tenderloin 16.00 EUR
For children french fries & wieners 7.00 EUR
Grilled chicken fillet with french fries 8.00 EUR
Handmade Burger with fries 13.00 EUR
Choise off
Boiled potatoes 0 EUR
French fries 0 EUR
Garlic potatoes 0 EUR
Rice 0 EUR
Hunter special
Hunter`s meatballs in cream sauce 16.00 EUR
Wild boar with herbs and chanterelles 18.00 EUR
Moose with mild sauce and gifts of the forest 19.00 EUR
Beaver with canterelle sauce 17.00EUR
Roasted bear with pomegranate sauce 39.00 EUR
Creme brülee 6.00EUR
Warm chocolate cake 6.00 EUR
Parfait with raspberries and hazelnuts 6.00 EUR
Ice cream dessert 5.00 EUR
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